Joy Clist, d. 1935

George and Mary Clist, Shoreditch, Taunton, Somerset. My great-grandparents.
George and Mary Clist, Shoreditch, Taunton, Somerset. My great-grandparents.

Clist, Clare, Scarlett, Mason
Jenkins,  Easdale,  Sipowicz
Rossiter, Carruthers & more

Hi there! I am Roger Clist of New Zealand, and I'm working along with others to preserve some history for the extended family, now mainly in Argentina and NZ.

My forbears are English. West Country in the main. On my father's side, the Clists are from Devon and Somerset and the Clares are from Dorset. On my mother's side, the Scarletts are from Oxfordshire and the Masons are from London. All humble folk whose heritage we respect and admire.

So if you have an interest in the Clist connections, please read the instructions and come on in!

Feature Articles

feature 1 George & Mary Clist's Family Bible. This massive book has three pages of my great-grandparents' family births and deaths. See scans of these pages and read about their six children, two fostered Rossiter nephews, etc.

feature 2 Sidney Clist's album. My grandfather emigrated to NZ in 1910 and met and married Mercy Clare in Gisborne in 1913. They visited Sidney's parents George and Mary Clist (Taunton) only once in their lifetimes, in 1931.

feature 3 The Argentine branch. Edith, George and Mary Clist's eldest, was 11 months older than Sidney. She emigrated to Buenos Aires as a missionary in 1909 and married Alfred Jenkins, a missionary from Bristol in 1910.

feature 4 The Forge and the Ivy Cottage. Great-great-grandfather John Clist was a blacksmith. So was his son George. They lived at The Forge at Shoreditch, Taunton. Later, George built the Ivy Cottage, just a short distance away.

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