Joy Clist, d. 1935



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Helen Joy Clist
Helen Joy Clist
Helen Joy Clist was the youngest child of George and Mary Clist, of Shoreditch, Taunton, Somerset. 
2 Jack and Lucy Clist
Jack and Lucy Clist and family lived in Tauranga, New Zealand. 
3 John and Kate Clist
John and Kate Clist and family: twins Jack and Olive (Clark) and Edie (Jacobsen). 
School Photos - MSGC
School Photos - MSGC
Class photos 1946-1957 for Dominion Rd School, Maungawhau School, Balmoral Intermediate School and Mt Albert Grammar School. Years 1947 and 1950 are missing. Hover mouse over faces to identify, or click Toggle Tags. 
Sidney and Mercy Clist's UK Trip 1931
Sidney and Mercy Clist's UK Trip 1931
In 1931 Sidney Clist was granted 6 month's leave of absence from the NZ Police Force in order to visit, along with his wife Mercy, his parents and relatives in England. This was the only time he visited the UK after emigrating in 1910 to New Zealand. It was Mercy's only trip to England. Sidney took quite a lot of photos and compiled an album, with some photos being annotated.