Joy Clist, d. 1935



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21 Death Notice in Poverty Bay Herald, 10 Jul 1918 (viewable on Papers Past website) Osborne, Eliza (I61)
22 Died aged 15 mths Holm, Wilfred Norris (I1335)
23 Died aged 85 yrs Holm, Wilfred Emanuel (I1328)
24 Elsie's birth surname is thought to be Hills. She wrote in the autograph book "Mrs L C Hills is my mother". Hills, Elsie V L (I424)
25 Eric Clist's aunt Clare, Ada (I579)
26 Eric Clist's Birthday Book has an entry for 01 Nov Wearmouth, William Edmund (I580)
27 For many years John and Kate Clist lived at 51 Symonds St, Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand Family F21
28 Had 9 children. John was in building trade. Family went to NZ in 1927, arrived on SS Hororata in Wellington, 01 Mar 1927 after voyage of 6 weeks. Sponsored out to NZ by a cousin Kitty Smith.
Flett, John (I223)
29 Source (S50)
30 Illegitimate. Born in hospital annexed to Workhouse, being the nearest hospital. Block christenings. Not inmate. Foxwell, Elizabeth Jane (I1641)
31 In early 1970s, Tom and Elsie Bellamy were living at 121 bNew Dover Road, Capel-le-Ferne, Folkestone, Kent CT18 7JL. Family F114
32 In Eric Clist's Birthday Book as S H Holm Norris, Sarah Harriet (I575)
33 In the 1841 census the instruction was to round down the ages of persons 15 years and over to the nearest five years. However there are instances where enumerators did not adhere to this instruction on age and inserted the given age.

The date of the 1841 census was the night of 6 June 1841. 
Source (S16)
34 Last known living at 121 New Dover Rd, Folkestone, Kent. Bellamy, Thomas William (I423)
35 Last known living at Wisteria Cottage, Bower Hinton, Martock, Somerset. Mansfield, Mary Anne (I1643)
36 Lilian was brought up in the Eland household. We think her step-father's name was William Eland, a tea merchant, who emigrated to Australia around 1925. Lilian wouldn't say much about her childhood. We understand there were nine children in the Thompson family including twins twice, but she was not a twin. She always hoped for twins among her descendants. We also understand that her birth name was Selina, a name she disliked intensely. We have not yet discovered her birth record, and we understand the Thompson family emigrated to Canada. Notes by granddaughter J L C, Apr 2011. Thompson, Lilian Selina (I546)
37 Lived at Shoreditch, Taunton and looked after the Post Office for a while. Appear to have moved to Tiverton area. Mansfield, Ellen (I567)
38 Maiden surname is the same as married surname. Flett, Annie (I224)
39 Marriage Certificate (to Eliza) gives second name as Charles Clare, Samuel Charles (I74)
40 Marriage Certificate for Cyril Chappell and Lilian Gallon shows her maiden name as Ivy Mary Ireland. Ireland, Ivy Muriel Catherine (I564)

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