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61 The date of the 1881 census was the night of 3 April 1881. Source (S12)
62 The date of the 1891 census was the night of 5 April 1891. Source (S11)
63 The date of the 1901 census was the night of 31 March 1901. Source (S10)
64 The date of the 1911 census was the night of 2 April 1911. Source (S19)
65 The North Devon Record Office is at Barnstable. The West Devon Record Office is at Plymouth. The Devon Record Office is at Exeter. Parish records are being made availabler online through findmypast. Repository (REPO10)
66 This book is fragile and falling apart. It comprises Bessie Clist's summary of notable family events from 1934 - 1989 (with almost no entries between 1970 - 1986), her wedding gift list, her children's poems and newspaper clippings of death notices and articles of family interest. Source (S48)
67 This site contains searchable records for cemeteries administered by the Christchurch City Council. The database includes interments from the following cemeteries: Addington Cemetery, Avonhead Park Cemetery, Barbadoes Street, Belfast Cemetery, Bromley Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery, Memorial Park Cemetery, Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Sydenham Cemetery, Waimairi Cemetery, Woolston Cemetery, Yaldhurst Cemetery.

Note: There are only a small number of Barbadoes Street Cemetery records in the database, and records from the Banks Peninsula area are not currently included but will be in the future.
Repository (REPO1)
68 This site has links to most cemeteries maintained by local authorities throughout New Zealand, many of which are searchable for names, etc.

The site is under construction (in May 2011). Search for the page entitled "Cemeteries Search". 
Repository (REPO6)
69 This site looks interesting. I found Peter Lineham's biography of William Haddow Pettit here. Repository (REPO7)
70 This site provides a day-of-the-week calculator.

As an added bonus, this website utilizes pages from Wikipedia to extract historical events and birthday of popular individuals. This is useful if you?re creating a scrapbook and you want to know some important events that took place about a particular day. 
Repository (REPO13)
71 This website enables you to interpret the Marriage Index created by the General Register Office for England and Wales. By using it you can determine where your ancestors were married - not just which Registration District, but which church!

Therefore, if you know the Anglican church in which the marriage took place, and the church Marriage Register has been deposited (as most have been) in the local County Record Office, then you can go to the appropriate CRO and look at the actual Marriage Register that your ancestors signed.

This is the purpose of this website: to deduce, from the year, quarter, volume number and page that you have acquired from the GRO indexes, where the marriage took place.  
Repository (REPO15)
72 Tractor accident Deck, Charles Keith (I1100)
73 Unmarried. Appears to have gone into service at Heatherton Grange before returning to Shoreditch, Taunton, and service at Highfield. Then would appear to have looked after her mother at Rose Cottage until 1940, then moved to Myrtle Cottage, Shoreditch, until her death. (It has been suggested that she spent some time before her death living with someone in Birmingham.) Mansfield, Selina (I1645)
74 Unmarried. Last known living at 49 Laura St, Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales. Read, Harold (I1714)
75 Unmarried. Last known living at 49 Laura St, Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales. Read, Mabel (I1713)
76 Use this site to access Somerset online Parish Registers. Repository (REPO12)
77 Usually known as Mabel Norris. Smith, Mabel (I1158)
78 Visit the Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records website to search New Zealand Government records for births, deaths and marriages (BDM).

The historic data available for you to search is limited so that information relating to people who might still be alive, can be protected. Information available includes:

  • Births that occurred at least 100 years ago

  • Stillbirths that occurred at least 50 years ago

  • Marriages and eventually Civil Unions that occurred at least 80 years ago

  • Deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago.

A very good feature is that you search from a specific date to a specific date, and not just search in years or quarters.
A bad feature is that names and their spellings are not reliable.

Note that official registrations started in 1848 for births and deaths, and 1854 for marriages. However, some earlier records such as church and place registers dating back to 1840 have been included as well. Some of these earlier registrations all have the same registration year, e.g marriages between 1840 and 1854 all show with a registration year of 1840. 
Repository (REPO2)

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