Joy Clist, d. 1935


The Rossiter Report (Part 1)

by Ernie Wide
A history of the Rossiter family starting with John Rossiter, born 1821 at Leigh upon Mendip, Somerset. Compiled by Ernie Wide, Mar 2005. Formatted for website display by Roger Clist, Jan 2010, 7 pages.

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This report has been assembled from several sources by Ernie Wide, whose wife Dorothy was the daughter of HARRY ROSSITER, youngest son of EDWARD ROSSITER, whose untimely death has been the subject of much conjecture and research, so far without finding place of death and cause.

HARRY's mother ELIZABETH died when he was a baby, and father EDWARD went to America seeking to establish a better life for the family but sadly met his end there, leaving his six children orphaned. They were dispersed among the CLIST and QUICK families of ELIZABETH's brothers and sisters.

Ernie's history is well referenced and tabulated.

Relevance: George Clist and his wife Mary Quick became the step-parents of Edward and his brother Charles Rossiter. Charles emigrated to New Zealand with Sidney and John Clist in 1910.

Roger Clist

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