Joy Clist, d. 1935


Howard Clare's Notes

by Howard Clare
An undated 7-page family history of Howard's grandparents Samuel Clare and wife Eliza Osborne, which formed the basis of Henry Clare's Dossier (also on this site). Howard did not appear to have contact with any of the Osborne relatives in New Zealand, so his notes on Osborne family history have several errors in dates, and in particular, the spelling of Eliza's mother's maiden surname is wrong (it is Piggot, not Pagott). Typewritten, and composed before internet access was available for searching censuses, etc.

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Relevance to this site: Mercy Clare, daughter of Samuel Clare and his wife Eliza Osborne married my grandfather Sidney George Clist shortly after he emigrated to New Zealand in 1910.

Roger Clist

Owner/Source Written by Howard Samuel Clare; copy held by Roger Clist
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