Joy Clist, d. 1935


Howard Clare's Transcripts

by Howard Clare
This folio comprises 51 pages of transcripts of newspaper clippings, family memories and letters concerning the Clare families of Gisborne, New Zealand, which are assumed to be compiled by Howard Samuel Clare and/or his cousin William Henry Clare.

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  • Pages 1 - 14 are newspaper clippings telling the story of 12-year old John Clare, son of George Clare, lost in the bush at Motu in January 1922, after going on a pig hunting expedition. A party of about 150 men went searching for him in heavy rain, in a block of about 8,000 acres of Government dense forest reserve. He was found five days later, alive but hungry and exhausted.
  • Pages 15 - 32 give details of Samuel and Eliza Clare's eight children and their many descendants
  • Pages 33 - 42 are letters from Eric and Bessie Clist to Eric's cousin Howard Clare in 1983, giving their memories of Clist and Clare family history
  • Pages 43 - 46 are extracts from the book The Wahine Disaster by Max Lambert and Jim Hartley concerning Brian Clare's experiences as Purser during the sinking of the ferry in Wellington harbour on 10 Apr 1968 with the loss of 51 lives
  • Pages 47 - 51 are newspaper extracts Jul-Aug 1983 concerning Deputy Mayor Seton Clare's decision to stand down from Gisborne City Council.

Relevance to this site: Mercy Clare, one of the eight children of Samuel Clare and his wife Eliza Osborne married my grandfather Sidney George Clist shortly after he emigrated to New Zealand in 1910.

Roger Clist

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