Joy Clist, d. 1935

The Forge and the Ivy Cottage

by Roger Clist

The Smithy at Shoreditch, 1973 Roger and Ted Rossiter inside the Smithy Ted Rossiter by the Smithy Cottage

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I'm sorry but this page is incomplete. It will describe my interest in the Smithy at Shoreditch, 2 miles from Taunton, where John Clist and his eldest son George were blacksmiths, and where my grandfather Sidney George Clist grew up. But John Clist died in 1891 aged 56 years, when George was but 29 and Sidney only 5 years old. How sad it must have been for them! I doubt if Sidney was old enough to remember his grandfather. I feel greatly blessed to have memories of my grandfather (Sidney) as I was aged 13 when he passed away, and to have enjoyed the companionship, insight, and guidance of my father Eric until I was aged 49.

But, to return to the Smithy...

Later on, the blacksmithing work was continued by Ted Rossiter, George's nephew, whom we visited on 29 May 1973. He took us through to the old Smithy next door to his cottage, and showed me the forge and huge anvil which my grandfather Sidney used. There were three large forges in the room, and Ted said that they could shoe up to four horses simultaneously, and often made "two dozen horseshoes before breakfast". Those were the busy days, now long gone.

John Clist

This is the one and only photo of my great-great-grandfather John Clist. Born 1835 in Hemyock, Devon, just two years before the UK Register of Births was started. Died 20 August 1891 aged 56 years. Blacksmith.

Elizabeth Manfield

Great-great-grandmother Elizabeth (neé Manfield) was also born in Hemyock (1836). She was a widow for many years, living mostly with George and Mary. She died 22 April 1918 aged 82 years.

George Clist

This photo of my great-grandfather was taken at Eton, Windsor (England) in 1880. He was aged 17 at the time, being born on 12 May 1862 or 1863. He died on 4 May 1934 aged 71 years. Blacksmith.

Mary Quick

My great-grandmother Mary Clist (neé Quick). Photo taken at Taunton, Somerset (England) in 1880 before she and George married in 1884. Born 22 October 1859, died 2 April 1934 aged 74 years.

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