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Finding your way around the site is easy. On desktop screens (the standard site) most pages provide two methods of navigation, with a menu panel on the left, and a set of pulldown menus at top right. On smartphones and tablets (the mobile site) navigation is by icons controlling pull-down menus at the top of the screen, and there is a button in the footer which allows you to switch to the standard site and vice versa. If you prefer to have the site operate in one of the international languages offered, select the language from the pull-down list at top right. But please note that this selection changes the navigation links and table headings only, and does not change the page contents that I have written.

Search facility

Searching for a person is easy. Just type the name or names (or the starting letters of same) into the fields and click the Search button. For women, records are stored using their birth surnames, if known. A list of possible matches will be returned. Click on the name of interest, and it will bring up that person's record. Note that unless you are logged in, for privacy reasons you will not be able to see the records of living persons or persons thought to be still living.

Starting points

If you are unfamiliar with genealogical websites, you might be puzzled where to start. Here are my suggestions.Roger Clist, Oct 2004

  • Read the Introduction to learn about the focus of the site.
  • View the Surnames page to see if any fall within your interests. Expand to all surnames if you wish.
  • Search for a name. Either use the top left fields as described above, or use the Advanced Search.
  • An individual's personal page contains links to the records of the family and related persons.
  • Click the Ancestors or Descendants tab to see relationships. Pause mouse over icons to see data.
  • Click the Ancestors tab then click the Media link to see a compact list of the person's forbears.

Living persons

All genealogical data is held in a database, with the records of living people hidden from public access. If you "belong to the clan" or have a genuine affinity for the families on this site, please feel free to Register for a User Account. Acceptance is not automatic, as I guard this database with great care. If accepted, you will then be able to view all records, and according to the rights assigned to you, be able to add new records and/or edit existing records. Please respect the confidentiality entrusted to you, and do not share your login with others. We likewise will treat your personal details in confidence.


This website is a work in progress, just like a book which progressively has more pages added according to the author's energies and enthusiasm. It is constructed from Template 4 of TNG (see page footer) which is a mysql database with a collection of php scripts that can be edited to give the site its individuality. This technology keeps files small and allows pages to be created dynamically on request. I'm finding it a pleasure to use.

If you wonder about the strange address of this site, it happens to be a sub-domain of a personal commercial website that was useful some years ago. The site is hosted by somewhere in the cloud where the time is Sun 08:13 pm.

Roger Clist, Auckland, New Zealand 21 December, 2021

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