Joy Clist, d. 1935

Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand


Tree: Clist Connections
Location : Latitude: -41.26580772194763, Longitude: 172.1620273590088


Tribute to Hazel Pettit
Tribute to Hazel Pettit
Five-page tribute read at Hazel Pettit's funeral, and giving a history of Hazel, her parents Ernest and Ruby, and younger sister Phyllis. The family lived on a farm in Arapito, Karamea, but Ernest died when the girls were very young. Ruby left the farm and reared the girls alone, saving hard to send both girls to study for degrees at Victoria University in Wellington. Compiled by Peter Lineham (Hazel's cousin once removed) with his handwritten annotations.
Tribute to Phyllis Pettit
Tribute to Phyllis Pettit
Eleven-page tribute read at Phyllis Pettit's funeral on 11 Oct 2010, and giving a detailed history (with references) of her family, education, teaching career, retirement, hobbies, travels and outlook on life. Her devotion to and care of her older sister Hazel was outstanding. Superbly written by Massey University historian Associate-Professor Peter Lineham (Phyllis' cousin once removed).


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Johnson, Charles Mervyn  24 Jul 1929Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I691 Clist Connections 
2 Lineham, Hilda Clare  08 Jan 1928Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I279 Clist Connections 
3 Pettit, Phyllis Muriel  02 Nov 1923Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I58 Clist Connections 
4 Scarlett, Albert Thomas  19 Jul 1889Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I71 Clist Connections 
5 Scarlett, Ella Verbena  02 Jul 1891Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I270 Clist Connections 
6 Scarlett, Ruby Elizabeth  27 Nov 1893Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I56 Clist Connections 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mulvay, Mary  15 Apr 1941Arapito, Karamea, New Zealand I268 Clist Connections