Joy Clist, d. 1935

Hemyock, Devon, England


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City/Town : Latitude: 50.911991, Longitude: -3.230162


Marriage Certificate for John Clist and Elizabeth Manfield
Marriage Certificate for John Clist and Elizabeth Manfield
Married 3 April 1861 in the Parish Church, Hemyock. John Clist is a Blacksmith residing in St Mark Magdalene, Taunton. Elizabeth is a Servant living in Hemyock. Witnessed by Sarah Manfield, and "the mark of" John Manfield, Elizabeth's father. Presumably John Manfield was illiterate and unable to sign his name. His occupation is Labourer, which presumably means an agricultural worker.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clist, George  1780Hemyock, Devon, England I1370 Clist Connections 
2 Hart, Mary Thomas  1790Hemyock, Devon, England I1371 Clist Connections 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clist, Edith  06 Apr 1823Hemyock, Devon, England I1377 Clist Connections 
2 Clist, Elizabeth  01 Jun 1817Hemyock, Devon, England I1374 Clist Connections 
3 Clist, George  16 Mar 1813Hemyock, Devon, England I1372 Clist Connections 
4 Clist, Hester  14 Feb 1819Hemyock, Devon, England I1375 Clist Connections 
5 Clist, James  03 Apr 1825Hemyock, Devon, England I1378 Clist Connections 
6 Clist, Jane  08 Jan 1832Hemyock, Devon, England I1380 Clist Connections 
7 Clist, John  25 Jan 1835Hemyock, Devon, England I1 Clist Connections 
8 Clist, Mary  29 Jan 1815Hemyock, Devon, England I1373 Clist Connections 
9 Clist, Robert  25 Feb 1821Hemyock, Devon, England I1376 Clist Connections 
10 Clist, William  26 Aug 1827Hemyock, Devon, England I1379 Clist Connections 
11 Dommett, George  25 Dec 1836Hemyock, Devon, England I1431 Clist Connections 
12 Dommett, Robert  27 May 1838Hemyock, Devon, England I1432 Clist Connections 
13 Manfield, Anne  1793Hemyock, Devon, England I1686 Clist Connections 
14 Manfield, Anne  29 Sep 1861Hemyock, Devon, England I1680 Clist Connections 
15 Manfield, Ellen  05 Aug 1849Hemyock, Devon, England I1675 Clist Connections 
16 Manfield, Ellen  19 Jan 1851Hemyock, Devon, England I1676 Clist Connections 
17 Manfield, Emma  12 Jun 1859Hemyock, Devon, England I1679 Clist Connections 
18 Manfield, Henry  01 Jan 1804Hemyock, Devon, England I1683 Clist Connections 
19 Manfield, James  01 Nov 1846Hemyock, Devon, England I1674 Clist Connections 
20 Manfield, Jane  10 Jun 1844Hemyock, Devon, England I1673 Clist Connections 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Manfield, Eleanor  1804Hemyock, Devon, England I1687 Clist Connections 
2 Manfield, Ellen  07 Apr 1850Hemyock, Devon, England I1675 Clist Connections 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clist / Hart  18 Apr 1809Hemyock, Devon, England F433 Clist Connections 
2 Clist / Manfield  03 Apr 1861Hemyock, Devon, England F1 Clist Connections 
3 Clist / Mapledoram  25 Apr 1837Hemyock, Devon, England F503 Clist Connections 
4 Dommett / Clist  26 Mar 1835Hemyock, Devon, England F457 Clist Connections 
5 Manfield / Scadding  27 Jun 1790Hemyock, Devon, England F523 Clist Connections